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IT Company Establish

Service overview

Registration in Vietnam, recruitment and training, process introduction, project / organization management.

It is a service that builds a development company that can perform all functions for system development.

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    Team set-up

    Quick Start

    Fast Ramp-up

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    Agile project Management

    Technical & Business


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    Transparent Pricing & Conditions

    Continuous Support

Service flow

  • Value to be provided / Issues to be solved.

  • 主要マネジメントメンバーを、NALのリソースをバックアップしながら、主要マネジメントメンバーを一緒に選定、育成する。

  • With zero lead time, development can be started at the same time as the registration procedure.

  • Members and organizations continue to grow independently in an organization with a learning culture.

  • An independent self-management organization reduces organizational management challenges and solves them in a structured process.

Vietnam development company establishment and operation agency

Real case study

Company F: 9 people, business development in Southeast Asia at the same time as development

Company I: 25 people in half a year, 100 people in a year

Company E: 120 people in 2 years, 200 people in 3 years

Company D: 35 people in 3 years

Story of company F Story of company I Story of company E Story of company D(NAL service adaptation planning)
Client characteristics We are developing several IT services, one of which is provided for the Southeast Asian marke We provide development services to multiple clients by focusing on one specific technology. IT service company is actively launching new businesses. IT service company is actively launching new businesses.
Goal We will understand the concept of services well and make better services by making use of ideas from developers. Make a group of engineers who are deeply sophisticated in one technology into an organization of 100 people in one year The Japanese side wants to focus on business planning and make the entire development a subsidiary in Vietnam.
  • Aim for good results and secure development capabilities for expansion.
  • Details Considering the development of in-house services, we hire mainly excellent members,
  • Training in Japan for about 2 years.
Current scale Currently 5 people are enrolled in the client corporation, and 4 other people are transferred to NAL when they can make a proper decision by placing an order in the lab. Increase to 15 by the end of this year. 25 people 120 people in 2 years Operated for about 2 years, about 20 people
Current situation
  • Work progresses even with some specifications. You can learn and respond to new technologies and frameworks.
  • I think it is attractive to be able to respond flexibly in various aspects (securing human resources, technology to be used, schedule, etc.).
  • Without NAL's support, I wouldn't be in this phase at this timing, and I think it's a day when I still have to investigate various things.
  • It is becoming possible to operate smoothly without sending the person in charge of the head office to Vietnam.
  • Development is going well, and the number of employees will increase to 200 in the third year.
  • Hiring High cost but excellent recruitment of new graduates
  • Individual performance is OK during training in Japan
  • The Vietnamese team is not good at performance,
  • "Each person in charge on the Japanese side says he doesn't want to hand over the project," said a Vietnamese business person in charge.