On March 16, 2023, Mr. Ton That Bach held an open talk “Effective Code Review: Two heads are better than one”. The talk was attended by software engineers, developers, and other technology enthusiasts who were interested in learning more about the importance of code review and how to conduct it effectively.

During the talk, Mr. Bach emphasized the importance of code review in the software development process. He explained that code review is a crucial step in ensuring the quality and maintainability of code. It helps identify potential bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other issues that could impact the performance of the software.

Mr. Bach also discussed the different types of code review and their benefits. He explained that there are two main types of code review: formal and informal. Formal code review involves a structured process, where a group of developers review code together and provide feedback. Informal code review, on the other hand, is more casual and may involve individual developers reviewing code on their own.

According to Mr. Bach, both types of code review have their advantages. Formal code review can help identify issues more efficiently and encourage collaboration among team members. Informal code review, on the other hand, can be faster and less time-consuming.

Mr. Bach also shared some tips for conducting effective code review. He emphasized the importance of setting clear expectations and guidelines for the review process. This includes defining what needs to be reviewed, who will be involved in the review, and what feedback should be provided.

Additionally, Mr. Bach stressed the importance of being constructive and respectful when providing feedback. He suggested using a “sandwich” approach, where feedback is sandwiched between positive comments, to ensure that the developer receiving the feedback doesn’t feel attacked or demotivated.

Overall, the open talk by Mr. Ton That Bach was informative and insightful, providing attendees with a better understanding of the importance of code review and how to conduct it effectively. The attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the value of code review and a greater commitment to making it a regular part of their development process.

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