🪐As a project manager at NAL Solutions, you will be responsible for overseeing the successful completion of projects, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of clients. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to identify project requirements, develop project plans, and coordinate resources. You will also be responsible for managing project risks and issues, as well as communicating project status updates to stakeholders.

⭐️You may not have enough experience in equivalent positions, but passion along with potential development is a must! You will be the ideal puzzle piece for NALS if you possess the following qualities:


Autonomy refers to the level of independence and decision-making power that an individual or a team has in carrying out their tasks and responsibilities. In the context of project management and product ownership at NALS, high autonomy means that the PM/PO members are given significant control over their work and are empowered to make decisions on a daily basis without the need for constant oversight or approval from higher-ups.

This autonomy is crucial for running teams and projects effectively, as it allows PM/PO members to be more responsive to the needs of their team members and clients, make timely decisions, and take ownership of the outcomes of their work. It also fosters a culture of trust and collaboration, as team members feel empowered to contribute their ideas and expertise to the project and are more likely to be invested in its success.


Creativity refers to the ability to generate novel and valuable ideas or solutions to problems. At NALS, creativity is highly valued and encouraged among its members, particularly the PM/PO members who are expected to be creative in their approach to managing teams and projects.

As a PM/PO member at NALS, you will be expected to approach your work with a creative mindset, willing to experiment with new management models and methods to find the most effective and feasible solutions to the problems you encounter. You will have the freedom to take risks and try new things, knowing that you have the support of the leadership team to guide and direct your initiatives in the right direction.


The spirit of challenge refers to the willingness and ability to take on difficult tasks and push oneself beyond their limits in order to achieve great things. At NALS, the spirit of challenge is highly valued and cultivated among its members, particularly the PM/PO members who are often faced with complex technical requirements and challenging projects.

With the increased collaboration with Mynavi Corporation and the implementation of new projects in various fields, NALS recognizes that there will always be new challenges to overcome. However, NALS also believes that participating in diverse projects and taking on these challenges will help PM/PO members quickly accumulate experience and constantly improve their own level. As a PM/PO member at NALS, you will be expected to embrace the spirit of challenge, always seeking out new opportunities to learn and improve your skills. You will be encouraged to take on difficult tasks and push yourself beyond your limits, knowing that doing so will ultimately help you and the company achieve great things.


  • A free working environment without tracking working hours: NALS values flexibility and trust in its employees, and does not track working hours. This allows for a more autonomous and results-driven approach to work, and enables employees to work in a way that suits their individual needs.
  • Unlimited salary, depending on capability: NALS recognizes that its employees are its greatest asset, and seeks to reward them accordingly. Salary is based on capability, with no limit on earning potential for high-performing employees.
  • Other benefits at NALS: In addition to competitive salary, NALS offers a range of other benefits and perks, including 20 days of annual leave, NALSCare insurance (which covers medical expenses and provides financial assistance in case of accidents or illness), modern working equipment, and monthly/quarterly training programs to support professional development and skill-building.

Overall, NALS offers a supportive and rewarding work environment that values autonomy, flexibility, and continuous learning and growth. As a member of the NALS team, you can expect to be supported and challenged in equal measure, and to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the company’s success.

👉 For more details, please refer to the job description: http://bit.ly/3IWM9rj

💁‍♀️ If you are interested in learning more about the Project Manager or Product Owner positions at NAL Solutions, please send mail to: nals_recruiter@nal.vn

NALS looks forward to welcoming you soon 💙


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