Original Life Co., Ltd., the company behind the popular “Wedding News” application has opened up about the quality service and product from NAL Solutions. As a first-time using outsource option, Original Life Co., Ltd. was looking for a reliable company that could meet their QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) values. In this article, we explore why the company chose to work with NAL Solutions – Mynavi, how the development process went, and the resulting feedback after delivery. 

The story:

When the bride and groom choose a wedding venue, they usually make appointments to attend Bridal Fairs and then visit for a consultation. At that time, the staff at the wedding venue will conduct surveys (via phone or registration form) to gather customer requirements. This is a time-consuming process, especially considering the severe labor shortage in the wedding industry. We started developing the toB service with the idea of “Can we reduce the hours of labor required for customer service?”.

In simple terms, it is a system that collects and manages customer requests and preferences. The system takes over the work of gathering customer requests that the wedding venue staff have been doing until now, allowing customers to better understand which wedding venues are suitable for their preferences and interests. Wedding reception halls have various styles, from cute to formal. By understanding the preferences and thoughts of customers in advance, the accuracy of customer service will be improved. We hope that this service will increase the rate of signing contracts for wedding reception halls.

As Original Life Co., Ltd. planned to use their business subsidy budget to outsource the system development, finding a reliable company was crucial. The company was looking for a partner who could deliver high-quality work within their budget and timeline. Given that it was their first time outsourcing software development, they were understandably cautious about choosing the right partner. 

After careful consideration with MyNavi, Original Life Co., Ltd. decided to work with NAL Solutions, a company with a solid reputation for delivering high-quality work on time and within budget. NAL Solutions was seen as the perfect partner to help Original Life Co., Ltd. build their application.

Impressions during the Development Process:

The Vietnamese engineers who worked on the project were highly skilled and demonstrated excellent communication abilities. The project team was outstanding, and they worked closely with Original Life Co., Ltd. to ensure that the development process met their expectations. NAL Solutions’ team also showed professionalism and honesty during the estimation process, providing a realistic estimate without cutting corners or lowering the estimated price casually.

Thanks to the outstanding work of NAL Solutions’ team, the development and delivery process went smoothly without any issues. The feedback management system was delivered on time, and the estimate was realistic. This helped Original Life Co., Ltd. launch their new toB service and create profits for the company.

Feedback after Delivery:

Original Life Co., Ltd. was highly satisfied with the delivery of the feedback management system developed by NAL Solutions. The delivery was on time, and the estimate was realistic, which helped Original Life Co., Ltd. launch their new toB service smoothly. The development and delivery process went smoothly without any issues, and the company was very satisfied with the quality of the work done by NAL Solutions. The feedback management system developed by NAL Solutions helped Original Life Co., Ltd. improve customer satisfaction and enhance their services, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention. Overall, the experience of working with NAL Solutions was a positive one for Original Life Co., Ltd., and the client would consider partnering with us again in the future.

The interview with Original Life CTO

Take a moment to delve into an interview featuring Ryoichi Kitahashi, the Chief Technology Officer of Original Life Co., Ltd, as he shares his insights on the recent partnership with NAL Solutions.

Question: Please let me know the satisfaction level of this collaboration with NAL Solutions/MyNavi, and whether the company will recommend NAL Solutions/MyNavi for future collaborations?

Mr. Kitahashi: The satisfaction level and recommendation level are both 100%! There was no rough estimate, and the delivery, response, and problem-handling were all perfect. The best thing is that there were no issues during the development process.

Whenever there is an issue during the development process, I believe the cause is a lack of skills. Not to mention the technical aspect, if there is no knowledge from the beginning, communication between the two parties cannot be established. This issue also often occurs between Japanese development teams. The team from Vietnam that I was in charge of at this time consisted of excellent engineers with high skills, and communication between Japanese and Vietnamese engineers was very smooth, and I appreciate this. If someone asks for a recommendation for a company to work with when encountering difficulties or complex projects, I will say, “Choose NAL Solutions/MyNavi to work with.”

Question: Among the 6 companies that sent estimates, why did you choose NAL Solutions/MyNavi?

Mr. Kitahashi: With the criteria of choosing the best company in terms of QCD (quality, cost, delivery), we compared each company and narrowed it down to 2 out of the 6 companies, and then we had discussions with the responsible person. First of all, NAL Solutions/MyNavi has the most robust team of engineers, rather than one person holding multiple roles like developer, and tester… each specialization is handled by different individuals. We felt reassured because the person in charge proposed a team with all the necessary roles, which made me wonder, “How did he manage to gather such a team?”

Furthermore, the Vietnamese engineering team made a good impression with their fluent communication skills and high language proficiency. I have worked with foreign engineers before, but compared to that time, communication has become much easier this time. I could interact with them as if I were working with a Japanese person. Additionally, the engineers did not provide casual estimates just to achieve a lower price, and they sincerely and honestly answered our questions. This increased our trust in them. After hearing about their experience in developing similar products, I decided to choose NAL Solutions/MyNavi and placed the order at the end of November 2022.

Question: Was the exchange and interaction during the development process smooth?

Mr. Kitahashi: Thanks to frequent communication, there were no misunderstandings in the development direction or delays in delivering the product. Everything went smoothly until the delivery.

I was surprised that there were no delays, even for some stages that I thought might be postponed. To be honest, before the project started, I was prepared that if there were any issues with the production team, we would have to solve them ourselves. But in reality, we didn’t have to worry about that. Even when we didn’t take any action, NAL Solutions/MyNavi would propose and implement solutions. In other words, it was not like hiring engineers to develop according to a predefined contract. I feel that I have worked with an incredibly excellent team.

Question: Could you please let me know about the company’s impression after the launch and introduction of the system?

Mr. Kitahashi: The delivery was completed in less than a year after placing an order with MyNavi, and we are now smoothly proceeding to the stage of introducing it to users. Of course, there will be issues that become clear after the introduction to users, and we will work to address those issues, but we are satisfied with the current feedback. In the future, I want to start expanding online contract-related functions.


In conclusion, This case study serves as concrete evidence that NALS meets the needs of customers in the Japanese market.  This successful partnership demonstrates that NALS is a reliable and capable option for future collaborations. With our exceptional team of engineers and smooth communication between the Japanese and Vietnamese counterparts, NALS has proven to be a valuable asset. Given the positive experience and impressive track record, NALS remains a highly recommended choice for future Tech solutions.


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