Get to know the PQA role at NAL Solutions

Get to know the PQA role at NAL Solutions

Ms. N.T. Lâm's success story as an ISO team member reflects the commitment of Nal Solutions to information security and adherence to international standards. Her invaluable contributions and the efforts of the ISO team have achieved ISO certification and fostered a culture of information security within the organization. 
Sprint Retrospective

How to make the Sprint Retrospective in the right way

Sprint Retrospective (often referred to as Sprint Retro or Sprint Improvement) is the final event in a Sprint, aiming to increase product quality and work efficiency. In Scrum, improvement is a regular activity, not just something done when issues arise with the work or product. This is an opportunity for the Scrum team to reflect on the working process of a Sprint and identify necessary changes to achieve better results in the next Sprint.
Sprint Planning - How to plan effectively?

Sprint Planning – How to plan effectively?

Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." When we engage in work without prior planning, we are prone to passivity or, worse, undesirable outcomes. That is why Sprint Planning is always considered one of the crucial events for a successful Sprint.
get to know about data analyst role at NALS

Get to know the Data Analyst role at NAL Solutions

Mr. D.X. Dung is a Data Analyst at Nal Solutions, renowned for his ability to turn data into meaningful insights. His role at the company involves overseeing all internal data-related tasks, covering a wide range of responsibilities from data collection to analysis. With an unwavering passion for his work, Mr. Dung finds excellent allure in the data analysis profession.

Get to know the Mobile Engineer role at NAL Solutions

A Mobile Engineer assumes a multifaceted role that encompasses a range of responsibilities. At the core of their duties is the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Collaborating closely with designers, product managers, and other stakeholders, they transform requirements into functional and visually appealing mobile apps.