ChatOps reached the top 10 potential Made-In-Vietnam digital products.

 ChatOps of NAL has excellently overcome many heavyweight competitors to reach the top 10 potential digital product categories.

The digital technology award "Make in Viet Nam" aims to honor digital technology products created by Vietnamese people, contributing to digital technology development. ChatOps of NAL has excellently overcome many heavyweight competitors to reach the top 10 potential digital product categories.

1. Introduction to Make in Viet Nam award

After more than 04 months of launching, the award attracted nearly 250 applications and selected 50 products into the Top 10 for 05 categories:

  • Excellent digital foundation
  • Excellent digital solution
  • Narrowing the digital gap
  • Excellent digital product
  • Potential digital product

These are excellent and typical products, solutions, and foundations, demonstrating the Vietnamese people's ability to master technology, proactively design and manufacture digital products. "Make in Viet Nam" digital products not only promote digital transformation in Vietnam but also contribute to the global digital transformation and many critical human studies.

The jury includes Dr. Mai Liem Truc - Former Permanent Deputy Minister of Post and Telecommunication (now the Ministry of Information and Communication), as chairman and leading experts in digital technology, scientists, representatives of investment funds, and reputable and experienced ICT journalists.

2. ChatOps reached the top 10 potential digital product categories

With the desire to provide a solution that fosters seamless collaboration with intelligent virtual assistants, the system development team at NAL created ChatOps. 
ChatOps is a platform that fosters a smoothly collaborative environment by deeply embedding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning / AI) for enhanced automation. With a single interface for connecting, integrating multiple applications from different software systems in the business through programming interfaces or automated robotics software (API / RPA), making business operations intelligent and efficient. ChatOps aims to accelerate the digital transformation towards creating digital workspaces in businesses where people and machines collaborate easily on a large scale.

ChatOps will help businesses:

  • Absolute data security.
  • Automate business processes.
  • Shorten meeting time by 1/3, save 1-2 hours on average.
  • Restricting employees from using chat for personal purposes, distracting from work.
  • Reduce 70% of mobile phone using frequency.
  • Use anytime, anywhere.
  • Support on both iOS and Android.

If your business is looking for a messaging solution that still ensures easy-to-use, cross-platform, high-security, companies can completely control technology and communication data. ChatOps is the best choice. Please contact us for more details

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