Plumsix CO., LTD, a renowned company specializing in system development and app development, embarked on a transformative journey with NAL Solutions to address their development needs. In this article, we delve into the remarkable partnership between Plumsix and NAL Solutions, examining their story, impressions during the development process, and the feedback received after the project’s successful delivery.

The Story:

Plumsix CO., LTD found itself facing significant challenges when it came to migrating their reservation app to a new programming language. These obstacles included a shortage of in-house development resources and difficulties in securing external assistance, even from established business contacts. This marked the beginning of their quest for a partner who could help them navigate this critical transition.

Impressions during the Development Process:

The journey with NAL Solutions began with migrating Plumsix’s reservation app to a new programming language. However, it wasn’t just about technology but about seamless communication, collaboration, and achieving their goals.

Mr. Matsuda Hirotaka, Head of Production Department at PlumSix, expressed his satisfaction: “We are delighted with the project’s outcomes and the seamless communication throughout. The NAL Solutions team understood our requirements thoroughly and delivered beyond our expectations. Post-delivery, the app’s functionality remained flawless, leading to smoother operations compared to the past.”

This feedback emphasizes the importance of effective communication in successful collaborations, and how NAL Solutions excelled in fostering a productive partnership.

Feedback after Delivery:

PlumSix found the collaboration to be a reassuring and productive experience. Mr. Matsuda shared, “We are satisfied with the delivery, which aligned with our requests. The app is now more user-friendly, leading to smoother operations. The day-to-day communication with the development team, including Slack and weekly online meetings, allowed us to track progress effectively. The team’s coordination and friendly approach made working together enjoyable. We greatly appreciated that the contact person communicated in Japanese and provided various documents in Japanese. This helped us in our explanations and ensured seamless understanding. Moreover, their extensive technical expertise was impressive.”

PlumSix also commended MyNavi/ NAL Solutions’ sales representatives for their swift response and assistance in resolving any issues promptly. They consider MyNavi/ NAL Solutions to be highly reliable and plan to engage their services for future projects.


As Plumsix CO., LTD looks to the future, their positive experience with NAL Solutions paves the way for further collaboration on larger and more ambitious projects. This partnership not only addressed their immediate development needs but also laid the foundation for future growth and opportunities. With their shared commitment to excellence, Plumsix CO., LTD and NAL Solutions look forward to a promising and enduring collaboration.


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