About Dockerfile

If you are approaching Linux, especially Docker, you will find this article useful. In this article, SE Nguyen Ngoc Duc from NAL gives an overview of Dockerfile.

Mybastic Overview

Continuing our series of informative articles on information technology for our readers, today NAL SE Duy Truong presents an overview article on MyBatis: What is Mybastic?, Mybastic Features, Mybatis Benefits and Performance.

Mybatis config instructions

Following the article Mybatis Overview, today, SE Tran Duy Truong of NAL is going to help readers to have a better understanding of how Mybatis works by showing how to configure Mybatis.

Efficient memory usage with Memory Pool

he balance between speed and memory usage is continually a headache for programmers. When facing this problem, programmers must consider whether to prioritize speed or memory. Memory is always one of the top concerns in applications that run for long periods. During the application lifecycle, objects are continually being created and destroyed, thus defragging the memory. If memory management is not good, it will waste resources, leading to the system quickly running out of memory. In case programming for resource-limited devices, both are important. Finding the right balance between performance and memory usage is not always easy.
Blockchain Express コース

Blockchain Express コース

近年、ブロックチェーンと仮想通貨は世界規模で最も注目されるテクノロジーに違いないです。ベトナムも例外ではなく、年々にブロックチェーン関連のテクノロジー企業が増えています。 NALグループもAI Expressコースの成功