Shiny Happy New Year 2020 card with gold fireworks. Vector background.


お客様各位 平素より、大変お世話になっております。 弊社の2020年度の旧正月休暇につきまして、下記のとおりご案内いたします。 ■休暇期間 2020年01月23日(木) から2020年01月29日(水) ■通常業務開始日 […] See details

ChatOps experience opportunity for businesses

With the hope of bringing ChatOps closer to businesses, NAL has brought products to introduce at the National Forum for Digital Enterprise Development so that businesses and state management agencies can experience firsthand. and listen to detailed advice from the creators of ChatOps themselves. See details
ベトナム IT企業のアジャイルキャンプ

Agile Camp for Vietnamese IT Company.

Agile Camp is an activity held since 2017 for the Agile practitioner community to meet, share experiences and have the opportunity to learn new knowledge together. The Agile Camp is organized once a year by the Agile Coach Network and the Agile Academy. See details